Video and Webinar Series

Developing Next-Generation Wireless Communications for Aerospace and Defense

Learn how to accelerate the design, prototyping, testing, and deployment of next-generation wireless communications and electronic warfare systems using the latest functionality in MATLAB® and Simulink®.

Specific topic areas explain how you can run scenarios to prove the viability of new concepts of operation, identify and eliminate design problems during development through end-to-end simulations, and streamline verification as you move to hardware.

Wireless Scenario and System Design Learn about capabilities in MATLAB for modeling RF propagation channels and scenarios.

Physical Layer Modeling and Digital Baseband Design Learn how to use MATLAB for designing physical layers (PHY) of wireless communications systems.

Antenna and Phased Array Modeling Learn how to design and model the RF front end for a wireless communications system using features in MATLAB and Simulink.

Hardware Deployment and Real-Time Wireless Prototyping Learn about features in MATLAB and Simulink for deploying, prototyping, and testing wireless communications systems.