Pricing and Licensing

MathWorks Chinese Yuan Renminbi Price List Update

MathWorks provides the following guidance for pricing, effective January 1, 2021.

Product Prices

Price changes are planned for the following products:

  • Aerospace Toolbox will increase from 9100 CNY to 9900 CNY.
  • Audio Toolbox will increase from 9900 CNY to 13500 CNY.
  • Control System Toolbox, Fuzzy Logic Toolbox, System Identification Toolbox, and Text Analytics Toolbox will increase from 8500 CNY to 9100 CNY.
  • Instrument Control Toolbox will increase from 7900 CNY to 9100 CNY.
  • Simscape Multibody and Simulink Check will increase from 16000 CNY to 19500 CNY and 18000 CNY, respectively.

Prices are for the Individual license option, which is the basis for all other license option prices.

Changes to prices are planned based on a number of factors, including currency exchange rates, inflation measures, and some product price adjustments. MathWorks will continue to monitor international economic conditions and exchange rates and may, from time to time, adjust its prices up or down accordingly.

Prices for some other products may change in 2021 because of new product introductions, major upgrades, or changes to existing products.

Software Maintenance Service Annual Renewal Fees and Rates

Software Maintenance Service Concurrent license annual renewal fees for add-on products will increase by an average of 6%. Concurrent license renewal fees for MATLAB and Simulink will remain unchanged.

Software Maintenance Service renewal rates for Network Named User licenses will increase from 21% to 22% of product prices.

For Individual and Designated Computer licenses, Software Maintenance Service renewal rates will remain unchanged at 18% of product prices.

Annual Term License Fees

Annual license fees remain unchanged for all products, except for the nine listed above where the fee changes are proportional to the product price changes.

Thank you for your continued use of MathWorks products. We invest heavily in research and development to ensure a steady stream of new technology, customer-requested product enhancements, and quality improvements. Our goal is to enable greater productivity and innovation within your organization.

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