VersaQuant Development Consulting

Accelerate systematic alpha generation with artificial intelligence


  • Training in AI in trading and risk management
  • Quantitative advisory, placement, and consulting
  • AI models and tools through our SaaS or desktop platform
  • Maximize returns, reduce time-to-value, and leverage cloud infrastructure and GPUs with our quantitative framework


VersaQuant Development Consulting believes in building scalable systems that accelerate your development process. They aim to cut the waste in your process through automation of common pains with which many hedge funds, banks, and financial institutions struggle.

They aim to maximize returns on investment and efficiently utilize MATLAB®, MPS, and cloud infrastructure for production.

VersaQuant's machine learning algorithms can analyze more than 30,000 news sources, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even live SEC filings to determine company and market sentiment. This has empowered their clients to find alpha opportunities and hedge against drawdowns within minutes of a press release.

Reduce time-to-value: Time is money. Leverage complex data structures only if it saves you time and money.

VersaQuant Development Consulting specializes in AI for financial modeling.


They build quantitative trading bots (QBots) for use in trading. The QBots are currently used to trade equity, commodity, crypto, and foreign exchange derivatives in the market. In addition, they provide functionality to incorporate sentiment signals to go beyond just the basic technical and fundamentals.


Develop risk models based on AI. How well can you forecast risk?

Provides functionality for mathematical risk modeling and simulation of equity, commodity, FX, and crypto markets. Models include VaR, CVaR, GARCH, VARMA, Kalman, and deep neural network volatility forecasts.


They provide functionality to build portfolios that leverage the state of the art in terms of mathematical diversification. Functionality includes mean variance optimization and conditional variance optimization, as well as blacklitterman optimization.


Custom-build artificial intelligent systems for use in financial modeling.

Models include decision trees, boosted and bagged trees, support vector machines, logistic regression, neural networks, and deep nets trained on multi-GPU-infused systems.


They build quantitative early-warning signals for use in trading and risk management. They provide functionality to incorporate sentiment signals to go beyond just the basic technicals and fundamentals. 

Derive NEWS sentiment from more than 30,000 news sources, Twitter, social media, SEC press releases, and litigation-related document evaluation, and customize the sentiment to your market.

Data management: VersaQuant helps you build complex data structures to manage hyper-dimensional data that goes beyond tables.



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