User Application Accelerator

Development tool for engineers defining interactions between ARINC 661 displays and supporting systems


  • Creates user application interactions quickly and accurately
  • Does not require extensive knowledge of A661 protocols
  • Simplifies system integration activities, especially for projects with distributed development teams
  • Supports rapid prototyping and production code
  • Enables flexible, behavior-led design
  • Simplifies supporting multiple display targets with a common core system


The diagram above illustrates the complete UA development environment with Simulink used for System design and testing, UA2 used for the User Interface part of the UA development and VAPS XT 661 used to create the DF layers

The User Application Accelerator (UA2) enables HMI graphics interaction to be defined in terms of data-driven behaviors. Complex visual concepts can be designed and tested with real-time data without writing code. Any changes to the user interface can be applied and demonstrated as functional.

UA2 enforces a logical split between system components and the user interface by providing unit-testable behavioral modules. The user interface testing burden is reduced, as is the impact of late requirement changes on core-certified code.

Designed to work with VAPS XT 661 and link to Simulink, UA2 enables flexible, behavior-led design.User application developers use Simulink to design avionics systems for airframe manufacturers and suppliers. UA2 is a Simulink plug-in that enables developers to map system data to the ARINC 661 transport layer for CDS connectivity.

VAPS is the COTS tool for the cockpit display system widget and layer development. It addresses key challenges of designing the ARINC 661 display in the following ways:

  • Faster development of displays: Use out-of-the-box widgets to achieve demonstrable displays.
  • Customizable: Add widgets and styles that conform to standards.
  • Automated binary definition creation: Shorter development time including error protection.

Primary end users include user application software developers in the commercial and military aerospace and defense industries.


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