Photo-realistic 3D environments with lidar-accurate road surfaces processed in real time


  • Test ADAS/autonomous with sensor model-in-the-loop
  • Test vehicle dynamics with driver-in-the-loop
  • Build complex test scenarios in MATLAB® and Simulink® to compile and run in rFpro
  • Simulink integration for deep learning training
  • Simulink integration of vehicle and sensor models to external graphics
  • Simulink integration of models to lidar ground surfaces


rFpro allows customers to engineer, test, and validate their vehicle models, ADAS, and autonomous systems by providing photo-realistic, high-definition simulations of public roads, proving grounds, test and race circuits. Customers also have the option to populate these simulations with intelligent traffic and pedestrians from their own MATLAB and Simulink scenario control models or by linking to third-party software. For vehicle dynamics testing, the rFpro scenes offer lidar-scanned real road surfaces for offline and real-time models. rFpro is used by top road car OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and motorsport manufacturers to accelerate the development, testing, and validation of ADAS and autonomous systems, active and passive chassis and steering systems, and powertrain control systems and calibration.

rFpro provides both a Simulink blockset library and an API for customers to write their own function blocks for communicating between their Simulink model and rFpro's applications (e.g., human-in-the-loop rFpro PHYSICS around Simulink plant models, Simulink sensor models, and detection algorithms inside rFpro ADAS_WORKSTATION). A Simulink blockset provides complete real-time control over environmental, atmospheric, weather, and lighting conditions so that tests and deep learning may span DOE runs over multiple permutations and combinations of conditions affecting cameras, camera sensors, and algorithms.

Customers can compile their models and have them hosted by rFpro or choose to communicate with their remote Simulink models connecting to rFpro's remote blocksets, which implement UDP over Ethernet. These blocksets have been developed to work from both the MATLAB and Simulink desktop environment and from real-time platforms where Simulink models are compiled to run (e.g., dSPACE®, Speedgoat, Concurrent, National Instruments™).

rFpro provides example integration Simulink models for customers who run CarSim® for Simulink and CarMaker® for Simulink models as well as those who run real-time Simulink models that encompass Dymola® compiled blocksets, C-code chassis vehicle models, and purely Simulink block-built models.

rFpro also offers virtual sensor feeds, with an example Simulink project for customers to try out with MATLAB Coder™ and Simulink Coder™. The compiled DLL files can be hosted by rFpro, allowing customers to develop their own models using MATLAB and Simulink to run rFpro's photo-realistic 3D environments.


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