Provecta Power Plant Controls

Control system design and implementation services to power utilities


  • Power plant control systems design, analysis, and optimization
  • Model-based training in control dynamics and tuning
  • Modeling of power plant systems and control structures
  • Development and deployment of advanced control solutions for power plants
  • Control systems implementation project management and consultancy services


Provecta provides control system services to power and water utilities, extending from analysis and design through installation, optimization, and training. The company has extensive experience in PLC, DCS, Simulink®, and advanced automation applications in mission-critical environments.

Detailed plant and controls modeling is fundamental to Provecta's analysis, commissioning, and optimization procedures. Extensive use of MATLAB®, Simulink, and System Identification Toolbox™ has enabled Provecta to develop cost-effective, accurate process and control structure models for problem identification, concept testing, and loop tuning. One example is the development of a Simulink boiler-turbine and controls model to assess the impact of low-NOx burners on a power plant’s performance. Provecta also provides training services in power plant controls that make extensive use of control loop models developed in Simulink, delivering to students a unique hands-on experience in control dynamics and tuning.

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  • Consulting Services
  • Training Services


  • Control Systems
  • System Modeling and Simulation


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