Optical communication system design software


  • Hierarchical design from optical components to systems (at the physical layer)
  • User-defined components and script language
  • Based on realistic modeling of fiber optic communications systems
  • Extensive library of active and passive components including realistic, wavelength-dependent parame
  • Parameter sweeps and optimizations


OptiSystem is an optical communication system simulation package for the design, testing, and optimization of virtually any type of optical link in the physical layer of a broad spectrum of optical networks, from analog video broadcasting systems to intercontinental backbones. A system level simulator based on the realistic modeling of fiber-optic communication systems, OptiSystem possesses a powerful simulation environment and a truly hierarchical definition of components and systems. Its capabilities can be easily expanded with the addition of user components and seamless interfaces to a range of widely used tools. OptiSystem is compatible with Optiwave's OptiAmplifier and OptiBPM design tools.

OptiSystem serves a wide range of applications, from CATV/WDM network design and SONET/SDH ring design to map design and transmitter, channel, amplifier, and receiver design. OptiSystem contains a MATLAB component that enables the user to call MATLAB within its environment to incorporate new components or models into the software. OptiSystem uses the MATLAB .dll files to evaluate the MATLAB script in the component to perform the calculations.

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