Automated model transfer from Simulink to the real-time simulation tool EuroSim and ESA's Simulation Model Compatibility (SMP2) standard


  • End-to-end support through a fully automated transfer process
  • Conversion of multiple models in one step
  • Support of multiple SMP2 target environments
  • Support of native EuroSim


MOSAIC facilitates automatic model transfer from Simulink® to native EuroSim and SMP2 compliant simulation environments.  The tool transfers source code, generated from Simulink models, into a format suitable for subsequent processing into a target simulation environment or interface standard. In doing so, MOSAIC either generates model source code that can run with native EuroSim (including API information and EuroSim specific files) or with SMP2 compliant simulation environments (e.g. EuroSim, SIMSAT, Basiles). In the latter case, MOSAIC provides SMP2 artifacts (e.g. catalog, C++ wrapper, assembly, and schedule files). MOSAIC has been used in the aerospace industry for more than 15 years in a large number of projects.

MOSAIC takes as input model code that has been generated by Simulink Coder™ or Embedded Coder®. The tool treats the model as a black box and adds interfacing code to it. The model variables (e.g. inputs, outputs, states, and parameters) can be accessed in the target simulation environment. MOSAIC can transfer one whole Simulink model as an atomic unit or multiple Simulink subsystems (exported separately).


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