Interface between MATLAB and FIX


  • Bridge between R&D and industrial applications
  • MATLAB code applied to FIX database processing
  • Simulink models applied to automatic module generation for FIX
  • Complex FIX database processing applied in real-time
  • Automatic program generation for FIX32/iFix environments
  • Data transfer between MATLAB/Simulink and FIX/iFIX


M2F establishes a data exchange link between the FIX32/iFIX and MATLAB/Simulink environments. M2F includes FIX database blocks, which embed the executable modules inside the FIX database and process data in real time under the control of the FIX scheduler as specified by the source Simulink model. Tasks can be rapidly prototyped and applied to process FIX database signals in real time, such as design and implementation of digital filters, FFT calculation, design and tuning of advanced controllers, finite state machine implementation, and fuzzy and neural data processing.

The M2F package is designed for FIX32 and iFIX users who wish to apply complex and sophisticated FIX database signal processing. The robust set of functions available in MATLAB/Simulink significantly extends the data processing capabilities of the FIX environment. MATLAB can be applied to online FIX database processing. Simulink and Simulink Coder can be used for automatic generation of stand-alone executable modules.

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