Anti-Lock Braking System

Laboratory model of anti-lock braking system


  • Behavior similar to real anti-lock braking systems
  • Highly nonlinear system for real-time experiments
  • MATLAB and Simulink applied to generation of real-time controllers
  • Illustration of complex, nonlinear algorithms
  • Development of different breaking strategies
  • Real-time experiments


This model imitates an anti-lock braking system (ABS). The ABS model consists of a heavy aluminum wheel that simulates a car's mass and a wheel that simulates the car's wheel. The aluminum wheel is accelerated by a DC drive. The second wheel is slowed down by a hydraulic brake. The experiment aims to stop both wheels by minimizing the braking distance and keeping the slip at a desired level. A computer controls the acceleration and braking phases.

MATLAB and Simulink are used to develop and simulate the controllers. Then, Simulink Coder, and Real-Time Windows Target are used to generate and run the resulting controllers in real time on the physical ABS system. The ABS model is the perfect tool for research and teaching at technical universities in the field of automatic control and mechatronic systems.

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