DSP/FPGA Development Platforms

SoC and FPGA boards with analog I/O for high-end PCIe/PXIe & stand-alone applications


  • Xilinx Artix7, Kintex7, Kintex UltraScale, Virtex6, Spartan3 FPGAs
  • MPSoC and RFSoC products
  • High-performance analog I/O (Up to 12 GSPS sampling, Up to 16 channels Rx/Tx)
  • Complete FPGA logic framework with placeholder for adding DSP IP from Simulink (via HDL Coder or System Generator)
  • PCI Express bus support with adapter cards hosting XMC or FMC slots, host computers with native XMC or FMC slots


Innovative DSP boards are designed for high-end applications and provide the following:

  • Texas Instruments DSP (floating- and fixed-point)
  • Latest-generation user-customizable Xilinx Virtex FPGAs
  • High quality analog I/O (ADC and DAC converters), including anti-alias filters, programmable gain and AC/DC coupling
  • Advanced logic design with interfaces for low-latency and high data rates, offering trigger flexibility, hardware event logging, digital error correction and FIFO-based data flow
  • A large collection of software tools. DSP development is fully integrated under TI's Code Composer Studio and uses DSP/BIOS and C++ templates. Host-side libraries for Microsoft and Borland C++ compilers are included
  • Tech support and engineering assistance

Innovative products appeal to embedded systems engineers and integrators seeking an integrated, off-the-shelf board-level product combining high-quality analog I/O and a user-programmable FPGA or DSP device. The unique combination of dense analog and device-level reprogrammability on Innovative board-level solutions is attractive to industrial manufacturers, laboratories, and instrument manufacturers.

Innovative DSP and FPGA boards are supplied with fully tested and validated Simulink Blockset libraries for all on-board I/O (A/D, D/A, PCI, FIFO), DSP and memory interfaces. These libraries are part of Innovative's FrameWork Logic and allow MATLAB & Simulink users to quickly and graphically configure their boards to suit their application needs. In addition, all boards come with hardware and driver support for full-bandwidth, hardware-in-the-loop execution of arbitrarily-complex simulations, along with MATLAB code for displaying data and results interactively in MATLAB and Simulink. While full VHDL source for the firmware is supplied, users can exploit the full hardware functionality independent of complex VHDL development and simulation tools. The Framework Logic that Innovative provides simplifies access to all peripherals and logic features of the target board, enhancing MATLAB and Simulink with a rapid FPGA/DSP application development and simulation environment.

Innovative Integration

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Required Products


  • Linux
  • Windows


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  • On-site assistance
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  • Training

Product Type

  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Embedded Hardware - MCU, DSP, FPGA


  • Data Acquisition or Import
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Real-Time Systems
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Vibration Analysis and Control


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery
  • Instrumentation and Test