Engineering test data visualizer and analyzer


  • Supports data import and export to various engineering file formats
  • More than 100 specialized MATLAB functions used to perform specific analysis for various domains
  • Supports basic and domain-specific advanced analysis features; flexibility to interface with DAQ devices
  • Flexible platform to integrate new MATLAB functions (to solve custom analysis)
  • Set standards for incorporating best practices during component validation and report generation
  • Supports interactive visualization; provides easy access to domain specific visualization features (such as engine maps)


ENValyzer (ENgineering Test Data Visualizer and Analyzer), developed by Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, simplifies data analysis and visualization for engineers. ENValyzer enables users to perform analysis and smart visualization of data coming from test benches, vehicles, and various acquisition systems. ENValyzer, with the help of measurement data, helps engineers arrive at better decisions and stronger conclusions with ease.

ENValyzer is a solution used to understand the behavior of the products which are tested during various stages of a product life cycle. ENValyzer has the flexibility to work with raw data from various automotive test benches, vehicle data, or from various DAQ devices. ENValyzer aims at enhancing the power of data and also simplifies without comprising integrity. 

The engineering capabilities of ENValyzer are built using MATLAB®. Domain-specific analysis algorithms or functions are developed using MATLAB and are available as toolboxes. The functionalities of the toolboxes can be used by setting the MATLAB set path. Functionalities of domain-specific algorithms can always be extended with the help of MATLAB.

ENValyzer toolbox functions help read the various measurement data files; once the measurement files are read, the data is available in the MATLAB workspace. Visualization and analysis can also be performed with the data available in the MATLAB workspace using built-in MATLAB functions. A rich set of domain-specific algorithms are available which can be invoked directly in the MATLAB environment.  

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