Simulink enabled electronic control system


  • Support for code generated from Simulink and Embedded Coder 
  • 2 x CAN bus 
  • 12 x PWM outputs 
  • 12 x analog inputs 
  • 12 x timing inputs 
  • Integrated data logging


The EM80-M is a derivative of the proven EM80 ECU. It combines an NXP microcontroller running the I/O with a powerful ARM Cortex M4 processor to enable the use of automatically generated code from Simulink® models. This allows the user to design and implement their own complex control systems on a proven and rugged platform. The EM80-M features a range of I/O, two CAN 2.0B buses and 256MB of integrated data logging with logging rates up to 1kHz. It integrates directly with GEMS calibration tools and data analysis tools via Ethernet. Its compact size (158 x 131 x 35mm) and light weight (380g) make it suitable for a wide range of development and production applications.

Typical applications are for powertrain control for internal combustion engines, fuel cells, or electric vehicles. However, the ECU is also suitable for development test beds and integrating into any system when a CAN bus is used for control. Typical end users are small volume powertrain or vehicle manufacturers or motorsport teams.

The EM80-M tools create a set of MATLAB® files containing signal and parameter definitions for use in Simulink models. These define CAN signals (imported from DBC files) and signals and parameters for reading EM80-M inputs and controlling EM80-M outputs. The code generated by Embedded Coder® (configured with ARM Cortex as a generation target) from the Simulink model is then parsed by GEMS tools to create definitions that are used by GEMS calibration tools for real-time calibration and logging of the ECU. Finally, the binary is compiled and uploaded to the ECU, which then runs the model code in real time. Make files and linker scripts are provided for gcc-arm but other tool chains may be supported by the end user directly. Although some blocks are provided for simplifying the initial configuration of the I/O, no special blocks are required by the system.



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  • Embedded Hardware - MCU, DSP, FPGA


  • Control Systems
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