Chemometrics using MATLAB Short Course

Chemometrics training customized to fit your specific needs using MATLAB


  • Training in the use of linear calibration--PLS, PCR
  • Use of nonlinear methods
  • Multiway methods for higher order data
  • Custom short courses using your data
  • Course taught at your site
  • Extensive experience with chemometrics and MATLAB


Eigenvector Research, Inc. (EVRI), is a full-service chemometrics research and applications company. EVRI offers consulting and training services with a focus on the chemical process environment. MATLAB, in conjunction with the PLS_Toolbox, is used extensively for development of custom applications. Short courses using MATLAB in chemometrics can be tailored for your particular applications. EVRI focuses on teaching you how to solve problems in analytical chemistry and chemical process monitoring.

Eigenvector Research, Inc.

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Service Type

  • Training Services


  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Process Control and Monitoring
  • Measurement instrumentation


  • Automotive
  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical and Petroleum
  • Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences