ADX - AD5435

High-speed, real-time simulation and control platform


  • Dual processor, high-speed simulation and control
  • Color LCD touch-screen interface and modular I/O
  • Turnkey systems, including open engine control systems
  • Stand-alone, embedded, or PC-controlled
  • Simple, user-friendly, flexible platform


ADX image

ADX real-time measurement, simulation, and control platform

The ADX is a high-speed, dual processor, real-time measurement, control, and simulation system that can be configured for a wide variety of applications by combining multiple generic and dedicated I/O boards. Simulink and Stateflow models run within RTLinux on the ADX. In addition, control of the simulation and algorithms can be passed to other host platform software via COM-API, UDP, and ASAP3 interfaces. The ADX unit includes a color LCD touch-screen for stand-alone applications.

Typical applications include control system prototyping, real-time simulation for HIL applications, engine control both in-vehicle and in test cells, customized test systems, high-speed data acquisition, and motor and robot control. End users are typically test cell operators, control system engineers, and engineers responsible for testing components and systems.

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Required Products


  • Windows


  • Consulting
  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • On-site assistance
  • System integration
  • Telephone
  • Training

Product Type

  • Rapid Prototyping and HIL Systems


  • Control Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Process Control and Monitoring
  • Real-Time Systems
  • System Modeling and Simulation


  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery