Benefits of the Self-Paced Format

Step-by-step instruction

Hands-on exercises with automated feedback

Access to MATLAB through your web browser

Shareable progress report and course certificate

About This Course

 Lessons are available only in English.


Course Overview

Familiarize yourself with the course.

  • Course Overview
  • Course Example: 3D Printer

10 mins


Simulink Environment Overview

Learn new modeling constructs, visualization techniques, and how to exchange data with Simulink.

  • Simulink Basics
  • Advanced Modeling Constructs
  • Model Callbacks
  • Data I/O
  • View and Analyze Simulation Results
  • Review: Simulink Environment

90 mins


Modeling Continuous Dynamic Systems

Model and simulate continuous dynamic systems in Simulink.

  • Continuous Dynamic System Modeling Overview
  • Modeling Differential Equations
  • Modeling Continuous Transfer Functions and State-Space Representations
  • Modeling Physical Boundaries
  • Continuous Simulation Overview
  • Simulation Accuracy

55 mins


Modeling Discrete Dynamic Systems

Model and simulate discrete dynamic systems in Simulink.

  • Introduction to Discrete Signals
  • Discrete Dynamic System Modeling Overview
  • Modeling Difference Equations
  • Modeling Discrete Transfer Functions and State-Space Representations
  • Modeling Multirate Discrete Systems
  • Solving Discrete Dynamic Systems

50 mins



Group related blocks into subsystems.

  • Subsystem Basics
  • Customizing Subsystems
  • Summary
  • Introduction to Masking
  • Masking Subsystems

60 mins


Conditionally Executed Subsystems

Create subsystems that execute in response to a control signal.

  • Overview
  • Conditionally Executed Subsystems
  • Extruder Simulation

55 mins


Model Referencing

Create larger projects by referencing other models.

  • Model Referencing Workflow
  • Creating Model References
  • Managing Model Referencing
  • Accelerating Referenced Models

60 mins


Simulink Libraries

Create Simulink libraries and manage library links.

  • Libraries and Links
  • Creating a New Library
  • Using Your Custom Block
  • Managing Links
  • Library Link Manager
  • Adding Libraries to the Simulink Library Browser

25 mins


Optimizing Simulation Performance

Optimize simulation performance and troubleshoot common performance issues.

  • Simulation Speed vs. Accuracy
  • Fixed-Step Solvers
  • Variable-Step Solvers
  • Simulating Discontinuities in Your Dynamic Systems
  • Algebraic Loops
  • Dynamic System Stiffness

60 mins



Learn about next steps and give feedback on the course.

  • Additional Resources
  • Survey

5 mins

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