Hardware Drivers

Keithley 2600A and 2600B series instrument driver

The Instrument Control Toolbox supports communication with instruments using instrument drivers or through SCPI commands over supported interfaces such as GPIB, TCP/IP, Serial or VISA.

This links to an IVI instrument driver for use with v3.0 of the Instrument Control Toolbox™ and higher. This driver is for use with Keithley 2600A and 2600B series source meters.

For additional information on working with IVI instrument drivers or SCPI commands, visit http://www.mathworks.com/ivi or http://www.mathworks.com/scpi

For general information about the Instrument Control Toolbox, visit http://www.mathworks.com/products/instrument.html


Keithley Instruments

Instrument Type

source meter

Models Supported

2600a, 2601a, 2602a, 2611a, 2612a, 2635a, 2636a, 2651a, 2657a, 2600b, 2601b, 2602b, 2604b, 2611b, 2612b, 2614b, 2634b, 2635b, 2636b

Driver Type