Hardware Drivers

Ametek/Sorensen XEL series programmable power supplies instrument driver

The Instrument Control Toolbox supports communication with instruments using instrument drivers or through SCPI commands over supported interfaces such as GPIB, TCP/IP, Serial or VISA.

This links to an IVI instrument driver for use with v2.0 of the Instrument Control Toolbox™ and higher. This driver is for use with Ametek XEL Series programmable power supplies.

For additional information on working with IVI instrument drivers or SCPI commands, visit http://www.mathworks.com/ivi or http://www.mathworks.com/scpi

For general information about the Instrument Control Toolbox, visit http://www.mathworks.com/products/instrument.html

Instrument Type

power supply

Models Supported

sorensen xel series, xel15-5p, xel30-3p, xel60-1.5p, xel30-3dp, xel120-0.75p, xel250-0.37p

Driver Type