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Next Generation Aerospace: Radar Sensor Development


Next Generation Aerospace systems are going through a data revolution. Previous generations counted only on a limited number of local sensors, radio, and very limited on-board processing capabilities. The amount of data generated has grown exponentially while threats require faster responses than ever. Pilots alone cannot deal with the increased workload, so more automation to take care of the different iterations of the OODA Loop is required. This means, less decisions are taken by humans, and more must be taken automatically.

Multi-function sensors, improved sensor fusion capabilities, etc. require new methodologies, tools and development environments to maximize the final success next generation projects. Join us in this webinar to know more about the design and implementation of a multi-function radar system using all capabilities provided by MathWorks tools and methods.


This one-hour webinar will show the main benefits of working in a development environment for complex sensor projects: 

  • How Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) can improve your processes.  
  • How to create and analyze system and component architectures  
  • Perform functional breakdown: Requirements, Digital Thread, Radar, Deployment, AI, Sensor Fusion, etc. 

About the Presenter

Alvaro Blanco de Campo is a Senior Application Engineer at Mathworks. He is currently responsible for Radio Frequency products for the Europe, Middle East and Africa areas. He has more than 15 years of experience designing, building, testing and validating Radio Frequency systems, from signal generation to antenna design, using frequencies from hundreds of MHz to millimeter, for both civil and military applications and with functions as diverse as communications. to surveillance and guidance. Alvaro is a Telecommunications Engineer and holds a doctorate in High Resolution Radars in Distance, both obtained at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Product Focus

Next Generation Aerospace: Radar Sensor Development

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