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Accelerate Development of Electric Vehicles with Real-time Testing


This webinar will present how real-time testing accelerates innovation of automotive electrification, from electric powertrains and power management systems to high-voltage DC battery chargers. Thorough HIL testing is crucial to de-risk integration testing of electric propulsion and battery management systems.


In this webinar, you will learn how to: 

  • Run power electronics and electric motors on real-time CPUs or FPGAs
  • Perform HIL testing of power management systems and of battery chargers
  • Perform rapid prototyping to test and tune new powertrain controls and power management strategies designed with Simulink
  • Create real-time digital twins of electric vehicles
  • Connect real-time models to ECUs with Speedgoat IO protocols or to electrical components with power amplifiers

Who Should Attend

  • Functional safety engineers and managers
  • Engineers developing software for ISO 26262

About the Presenter

Manuel Fedou is a senior application engineer for electrification at Speedgoat, Switzerland. Prior to joining Speedgoat in 2016, Manuel worked as application engineer for MathWorks in Germany and as automation project manager for Turck in Switzerland. He received a M. Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Supélec, France, an M.Sc. degree in Mechanical engineer from TUM in Germany. As electrification engineer at Speedgoat, Manuel is responsible for the areas of power systems, power electronics, motor control and battery management systems.

Product Focus

This live webinar has ended. You can now view the on-demand webinar.

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