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Vehicle Architecture and Hardware Component Modeling

MathWorks tools provide a single environment to model the many components and physical domains that make up a green vehicle, such as the internal combustion engine, electric drive motor, lithium-ion batteries, and drivetrain. These models provide the engineer a system-level understanding of how the vehicle will perform through simulation of various drive cycles. Utilizing MathWorks physical modeling tools, engineers can access component libraries to quickly develop vehicle architecture models to perform component sizing studies, vehicle performance analysis, fuel mileage tradeoffs, and energy-management strategies.

Once the components have been sized and the characteristics have been determined, higher fidelity component models can be developed to provide a plant model for controller design for closed looped simulation. The physical modeling tools provide higher fidelity component models and the ability to quickly develop your own custom physical component models to facilitate the development of controllers, such as supervisory logic, electric motor controller, battery state of charge controller, and refinement of your energy management strategy.

Physical Modeling Tools for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Modeling and Simulation



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