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Thermal System Optimization: A Population-Based Metaheuristic Approach

Thermal System Optimization: A Population-Based Metaheuristic Approach presents a wide-ranging review of the latest research and development directions in thermal systems optimization using population-based metaheuristic methods. It helps readers to identify the best methods for their own systems, providing details of mathematical models and algorithms suitable for implementation. This book is a useful tool for thermal design researchers and engineers in academia and industry, wishing to perform thermal system identification with properly optimized parameters. It will be of interest for researchers, practitioners and graduate students with backgrounds in mechanical, chemical and power engineering.

To reduce mathematical complexity, the authors focus on optimization of individual components rather than taking on systems as a whole. They employ numerous case studies: heat exchangers; cooling towers; power generators; refrigeration systems; and others. The importance of these subsystems to real-world situations from internal combustion to air-conditioning is made clear. The thermal systems under discussion are analyzed using various metaheuristic techniques, with comparative results for different systems. The inclusion of detailed MATLAB codes in the text will assist readers to assess these techniques for different real-world systems.

About This Book

Vivek K. Patel, P.D. Petroleum University
Vimal J. Savsani, P.D. Petroleum University
Mohamed A. Tawhid, Thompson Rivers University

Springer International Publishing, 2019

ISBN: 9783030104764
Language: English

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