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The Finite Element Method: Basic Concepts and Applications with MATLAB, MAPLE, and COMSOL, 3e

The Finite Element Method introduces the fundamentals of the finite element method in a clear manner using comprehensive examples. Beginning with the concept of one-dimensional heat transfer, the first chapters include one-dimensional problems that can be solved by inspection. The book progresses through more detailed two-dimensional elements and three-dimensional elements and includes discussions on various applications. It ends with introductory chapters on boundary elements and meshless methods, where more input data must be provided to solve problems.

Throughout the text, emphasis is placed on the development of the discrete set of algebraic equations. The example problems and exercises in each chapter explain the procedure for defining and organizing the required initial and boundary condition data for a specific problem. Computer code listings in MATLAB are available for download to help readers set up the examples, including COMSOL files.

About This Book

Darrell W. Pepper, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Juan C. Heinrich, University of New Mexico

CRC Press, Inc., 2017

ISBN: 9781498738606
Language: English

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