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Stars and Space with MATLAB Apps

Written for students and researchers in astrophysics and cosmology, Stars and Space with MATLAB Apps explores the recent advances in the understanding of star formation and evolution. The black hole stellar endpoints are studied and geodesic motion is also explored. The emission of gravitational waves is featured due to their very recent experimental discovery.

The second aspect of the text is space exploration which began 62 years ago with the Sputnik Earth satellite followed by the landing on the Moon just 50 years ago. Since then Mars has been explored remotely as well as flybys of the outer planets and probes which have escaped the solar system. The text explores many aspects of rocket travel. Finally possibilities for interstellar travel are discussed.

All these topics are treated in a unified way using MATLAB to combine text, figures, formulae and numeric input and output so the reader may vary parameters and see the results in real time. The book also includes examples of MATLAB Live Editor. A companion media pack is also available for download with purchase of the book.

About This Book

Dan Green, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

World Scientific Publishing Co., 2020

ISBN: 9789811216022
Language: English

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