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Sparsity Methods for Systems and Control

Sparsity Methods for Systems and Control gives a comprehensive guide to sparsity methods for systems and control, from standard sparsity methods in finite-dimensional vector spaces (Part I) to optimal control methods in infinite-dimensional function spaces (Part II). The primary objective of this book is to show how to use sparsity methods for several engineering problems. For this, the author provides MATLAB programs by which the reader can try sparsity methods for themselves. Readers will obtain a deep understanding of sparsity methods by running these MATLAB programs.

This book is suitable for graduate level university courses and undergraduate students who have a basic knowledge of linear algebra and elementary calculus. Part II of the book should appeal to professional researchers and engineers who are interested in applying sparsity methods to systems and control.

About This Book

Masaaki Nagahara, University of Kitakyushu

now publishers inc., 2020

ISBN: 9781680837247
Language: English

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