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Simulation of Power System with Renewables

Simulation of Power System with Renewables provides details on the modelling and efficient implementation of MATLAB, particularly with a renewable energy driven power system. The book presents a step-by-step approach to modelling implementation, including all major components used in current power systems operation, giving the reader the opportunity to learn how to gather models for conventional generators, wind farms, solar plants, and FACTS control devices. Users will find this to be a central resource for modelling, building, and simulating renewable power systems, including discussions on its limitations, assumptions on the model, and the implementation and analysis of the system. This book is written for power system engineers and researchers, electrical engineers and engineering researchers, solar energy engineers, and those working in the implementation of efficient power systems.

Key Features

  • Presents worked examples and equations in each chapter that address system limitations and flexibility
  • Provides step-by-step guidance for building and simulating models with required data
  • Contains case studies on a number of devices, including FACTS, and renewable generation

MATLAB is used throughout the book.

About This Book

Linash Kunjumuhammed, Mitsubishi Electric Europe
Stefanie Kuenzel, Royal Holloway University of London
Bikash Pal, Imperial College London

Academic Press, 2020

ISBN: 9780128111871
Language: English

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