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Power Electronics and Motor Drives: Advances and Trends, 2nd edition

Power Electronics and Motor Drives is a resource to keep the electrical engineer up-to-speed on the latest advancements in technologies, equipment and applications. Carefully structured to include both traditional topics for entry-level and more advanced applications for the experienced engineer, this reference sheds light on the rapidly growing field of power electronic operations. New content covers converters, machine models and new control methods such as fuzzy logic and neural network control. This reference will help engineers further understand recent technologies and gain practical understanding with its inclusion of many industrial applications. Further supported by a glossary per chapter, this book gives engineers and researchers a critical reference to learn from real-world examples and make future decisions on power electronic technology and applications.

MATLAB is introduced and used to solve numerous examples in the book. Fuzzy Logic Toolbox and Deep Learning Toolbox are also introduced.

About This Book

Bimal K. Bose, University of Tennessee

Elsevier, 2020

ISBN: 9780128213605
Language: English

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