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PID Control System Design and Automatic Tuning using MATLAB/Simulink

PID Control System Design and Automatic Tuning using MATLAB/Simulink covers the design, implementation, and automatic tuning of PID control systems with operational constraints. It provides students, researchers, and industrial practitioners with everything they need to know about PID control systems—from classical tuning rules and model-based design to constraints, automatic tuning, cascade control, and gain scheduled control.

The book introduces PID control system structures, sensitivity analysis, PID control design, implementation with constraints, disturbance observer-based PID control, gain scheduled PID control systems, cascade PID control systems, PID control design for complex systems, automatic tuning, and applications of PID control to unmanned aerial vehicles. It also presents resonant control systems relevant to many engineering applications. The implementation of PID control and resonant control highlights how to deal with operational constraints. The book is intended for undergraduate electrical, chemical, mechanical, and aerospace engineering students, and will greatly benefit postgraduate students, researchers, and industrial personnel who work with control systems and their applications.  

Key Features

  • Provides unique coverage of PID Control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including mathematical models of multi-rotor UAVs, control strategies of UAVs, and automatic tuning of PID controllers for UAVs
  • Provides detailed descriptions of automatic tuning of PID control systems, including relay feedback control systems, frequency response estimation, Monte-Carlo simulation studies, PID controller design using frequency domain information, as well as MATLAB and Simulink simulation and implementation programs for automatic tuning
  • Includes 15 MATLAB and Simulink tutorials, in a step-by-step manner, to illustrate the design, simulation, implementation, and automatic tuning of PID control systems
  • Assists lecturers, teaching assistants, students, and other readers to learn PID control with constraints and apply the control theory to various areas

About This Book

Liuping Wang, RMIT University

Wiley-IEEE Press, 2020

ISBN: 9781119469346
Language: English

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