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Network Modeling, Simulation and Analysis in MATLAB: Theory and Practices

The purpose of Network Modeling, Simulation and Analysis in MATLAB is first to study MATLAB programming concepts, then the basic concepts of modeling and simulation analysis, particularly with a focus on digital communication simulation. The book will cover the topics practical to describe network routing simulation using MATLAB. It will cover the dimensions' like Wireless network and WSN simulation using MATLAB, then depict the modeling and simulation of vehicles power network in detail along with considering different case studies.

About This Book

Dac-Nhuong Le, Haiphong University
Abhishek Kumar Pandey, Aryabhatt Engineering College and Research Center
Sairam Tadepalli, Vellore Institute of Technology
Pramod Singh Rathore, Aryabhatt Engineering College and Research Center
Jyotir Moy Chatterjee, Lord Buddha Education Foundation (Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation)

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2019

ISBN: 9781119631439
Language: English

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