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MIMO Radar Waveform Design for Spectrum Sharing with Cellular Systems: A MATLAB Based Approach

MIMO Radar Waveform Design for Spectrum Sharing with Cellular Systems discusses spectrum sharing between cellular systems and radars. The book addresses a novel way to design radar waveforms that can enable spectrum sharing between radars and communication systems, without causing interference to communication systems, and at the same time, achieving radar objectives of target detection, estimation, and tracking. The book includes a MATLAB based approach, which provides readers with a way to learn, experiment, compare, and build on top of existing algorithms.

MATLAB code files are included in an appendix.

About This Book

Awais Khawar, Virginia Tech
Ahmed Abdelhadi, Virginia Tech
T. Charles Clancy, Virginia Tech

Springer International Publishing, 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-29723-1
Language: English

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