MATLAB and Simulink Based Books

The MathWorks Book Program has helped authors develop more than 2000 MATLAB and Simulink based titles, in 27 languages, that contain theory, real-world examples, course materials, and companion software.

Use the resources at this members-only site to get started on your book project, learn and apply MathWorks software, and promote your book. In addition, we encourage you to provide updates on your existing and new book projects so that we can effectively support them.

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Treatment of Confidential Information

On occasion, the MathWorks Book Program team may share confidential product information with you to help guide your book project. MathWorks confidential information may only be used as agreed by MathWorks, and may not be shared with any third party. All information regarding upcoming releases of MathWorks products, including product names, version numbers, and timing of the release is MathWorks confidential information. With regard to other MathWorks confidential information, we will specifically identify such information as confidential when we provide it. If you feel that you need to communicate confidential information with someone, such as your publisher, you must get specific permission from the Book Program team in advance.

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