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Introduction to Numerical Linear Algebra

Introduction to Numerical Linear Algebra presents detailed explanations that beginning students can read on their own, allowing instructors to go beyond lecturing and making it suitable for a “flipped” classroom. The author covers several topics not commonly addressed in related introductory books, including diffusion, a toy model of computed tomography, global positioning systems, the use of eigenvalues in analyzing stability of equilibria, and multigrid methods. A detailed derivation and careful motivation of the QR method for eigenvalues starting from power iteration is also included, as is a discussion of the use of the SVD for grading.

MATLAB code is added within the book to help the reader understand the text. All of the code is available for download.

About This Book

Christoph Börgers, Tufts University

SIAM, 2022

ISBN: 9781611976915
Language: English

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