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Introduction to Engineering Programming: in C, MATLAB, and Java

Written for engineering students at the freshman, sophomore, and junior levels, this introductory text teaches concepts in modern engineering computations and the C, MATLAB, and Java programming languages through a collection of tutorials. The MATLAB tutorial includes topics such as variables and variable arithmetic, matrices and matrix arithmetic, control structures, built-in matrix functions, and M-files. A brief introduction to MATLAB graphics and the solution of linear matrix equations are also covered. This tutorial also demonstrates how MATLAB programs can be much shorter than equivalent implementations in C or Java. Through a large number of working examples, students can learn how to design, write, and execute their own engineering programs.

About This Book

Mark Austin, University of Maryland at College Park
David Chancogne

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1999

ISBN: 0-471-00116-3
Language: English

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