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Fault Tolerant Attitude Estimation for Small Satellites

Fault Tolerant Attitude Estimation for Small Satellites aims to present useful solutions for fault tolerance in ADC systems of small satellites. The contents of the book can be divided into two categories: fault tolerant attitude filtering algorithms for small satellites and sensor calibration methods to compensate the sensor errors. MATLAB is used to demonstrate simulations.


  • Presents fault tolerant attitude estimation algorithms for small satellites with an emphasis on algorithms’ practicability and applicability
  • Incorporates fundamental knowledge about the attitude determination methods at large
  • Discusses comprehensive information about attitude sensors for small satellites
  • Reviews calibration algorithms for small satellite magnetometers with simulated examples
  • Supports theory with MATLAB simulation results which can be easily understood by individuals without a comprehensive background in this field
  • Covers up-to-date discussions for small satellite attitude systems design

About This Book

Chingiz Hajiyev, Istanbul Technical University
Halil Ersin Soken, Middle East Technical University

CRC Press, Inc., 2021

ISBN: 9780815369813
Language: English

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