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Essentials of Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, 2nd edition

Essentials of Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, 2nd edition offers an introduction to the key mathematical concepts of advanced calculus, differential equations, complex analysis, and introductory mathematical physics for students in engineering and physics research. The book is designed in a modular format with each chapter covering a subject thoroughly, allowing each to be read independently.

This updated second edition includes two new and extensive chapters that cover practical linear algebra and applications of linear algebra as well as a computer file that includes MATLAB codes. To enhance understanding of the material presented, the text contains a collection of exercises at the end of each chapter. The author offers a treatment of the topics with a style that makes the essential mathematical skills accessible to a multidisciplinary audience.


• Includes derivations with sufficient detail so that the reader can follow them without searching for results in other parts of the book

• Puts the emphasis on the analytic techniques

• Contains two new chapters that explore linear algebra and its applications

•  Includes MATLAB codes that the readers can use to practice with the methods introduced in the book

About This Book

Selcuk S. Bayin, Middle East Technical University

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2020

ISBN: 9781119580249
Language: English

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