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Electrical Energy Conversion and Transport: An Interactive Computer-Based Approach, 2nd edition

Designed to support interactive teaching and computer assisted self-learning, Electrical Energy Conversion and Transport, 2nd edition is thoroughly updated to address the recent environmental effects of electric power generation and transmission, which have become more important together with the deregulation of the industry. New content explores different power generation methods, including renewable energy generation (solar, wind, fuel cell) and includes new sections that discuss the upcoming Smart Grid and the distributed power generation using renewable energy generation, making the text essential reading material for students and practicing engineers.

MATLAB is used throughout the book to solve application examples. In addition, an introduction to MATLAB is included in an appendix.

About This Book

George G. Karady, Arizona State University
Keith E. Holbert, Arizona State University

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2013

ISBN: 9780470936993
Language: English

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