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Discrete Random Signal Processing and Filtering Primer with MATLAB

Written for practicing engineers seeking to strengthen their practical grasp of random signal processing, Discrete Random Signal Processing and Filtering Primer with MATLAB provides the opportunity to enhance these skills. The author, a leading expert in the field of electrical and computer engineering, offers a solid review of recent developments in discrete signal processing. The text also details the latest progress in the revolutionary MATLAB language.

The author introduces an incremental discussion of signal processing and filtering, and presents several new methods that can be used for a more dynamic analysis of random digital signals with both linear and non-linear filtering. Ideal as a self-tutorial, this book includes numerous examples and functions, which can be used to select parameters, perform simulations, and analyze results. This concise guide encourages readers to use MATLAB functions―and new ones introduced as Book MATLAB Functions―to substitute different combinations of parameters and provide users with a firm grasp of how each parameter affects results.

Much more than a simple review of theory, Discrete Random Signal Processing and Filtering Primer with MATLAB emphasizes problem solving and result analysis, enabling readers to take a hands-on approach to advance their own understanding of MATLAB and how it is used within signal processing and filtering.

In addition, a supplemental set of MATLAB code files are available for download.

About This Book

Alexander D. Poularikas, University of Alabama

CRC Press, Inc., 2008

ISBN: 9781420089332
Language: English

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