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Digital Signal Processing: A Primer With MATLAB

Digital Signal Processing: A Primer with MATLAB is intended as a textbook for a senior-level undergraduate student in electrical and computer engineering. The book provides coverage of discrete-time signals and systems. At the beginning of each chapter, an abstract states the chapter objectives. All principles are also presented in a lucid, logical, step-by-step approach.

Each example is immediately followed by practice problems along with its answer. Students can follow the example step-by-step to solve the practice problems without flipping pages or looking at the end of the book for answers. These practice problems test students' comprehension and reinforce key concepts before moving onto the next section.

Toward the end of each chapter, the authors discuss some application aspects of the concepts covered in the chapter. The material covered in the chapter is applied to at least one or two practical problems. Also, thoroughly worked examples are given at the end of every section. These examples give students a solid grasp of the solutions as well as the confidence to solve similar problems themselves. Some of the problems are solved in multiple ways to facilitate a deeper understanding and comparison of different approaches.

MATLAB is introduced in Appendix C and applied gradually throughout the book. 

About This Book

Samir I. Abood, University of Khartoum

CRC Press, Inc., 2020

ISBN: 9780367444938
Language: English

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