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Computer Methods for Engineering with MATLAB Applications, 2e

Substantially revised and updated, Computer Methods for Engineering with MATLAB Applications presents equations to describe engineering processes and systems. The text includes computer methods for solving equations and discusses the nature and validity of the numerical results for a variety of engineering problems. This edition now uses MATLAB in its discussions of computer solution.

New to the second edition:

  • Recent advances in computational software and hardware
  • A large number of MATLAB commands and programs for solving exercises and to encourage students to develop their own computer programs for specific problems
  • Additional exercises and examples in all chapters
  • New and updated references

The text follows a systematic approach for obtaining physically realistic, valid, and accurate results through numerical modeling. It employs examples from many engineering areas to explain the elements involved in the numerical solution and make the presentation relevant and interesting. The text also incorporates a wealth of solved exercises to supplement the discussion and illustrate the ideas and methods presented. Computer Methods for Engineering with MATLAB Applications demonstrates how a computational approach can provide physical insight and obtain inputs for the analysis and design of practical engineering systems.

About This Book

Yogesh Jaluria, Rutgers University

CRC Press, Inc., 2012

ISBN: 9781591690368
Language: English

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