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Collecting, Processing and Presenting Geoscientific Information: MATLAB and Design Recipes for Earth Sciences, 2e

Collecting, Processing and Presenting Geoscientific Information is an intensively revised and updated version of the book MATLAB and Design Recipes for Earth Sciences. It aims to introduce students to the typical course followed by a data analysis project in earth sciences. A project usually involves searching relevant literature; reviewing and ranking published books and journal articles; extracting relevant information from the literature in the form of text, data, or graphs; searching and processing the relevant original data using MATLAB; and compiling and presenting the results as posters, abstracts, and oral presentations using graphics design software. The text of this book includes numerous examples on the use of internet resources, the visualization of data with MATLAB, and preparing scientific presentations. This book uses MATLAB and the Adobe Creative Suite to process and present geoscientific information collected during the course of an earth science project.

Chapters 4 through 7 of the book include an introduction to MATLAB, a chapter on visualization techniques with MATLAB using Mapping Toolbox, and a chapter on processing images using Image Processing Toolbox. Chapter 12, which is a new chapter for the second edition on multimedia publications, briefly introduces Simulink 3D Animation.

About This Book

Martin H. Trauth, University of Potsdam
Elisabeth Sillmann, blaetterwaldDesign

Springer International Publishing, 2018

ISBN: 978-3-662-56202-4
Language: English

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