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Chemometric Monitoring: Product Quality Assessment, Process Fault Detection, and Applications

Chemometric Monitoring: Product Quality Assessment, Process Fault Detection, and Applications aims to apply the data-driven knowledge base in ensuring safe process operation through timely detection of process abnormal and normal operating conditions, assuring product quality, and analyzing biomedical signal leading to diagnostic tools. The book poses an open invitation for an interface required henceforth, in practical implementation of the propositions and possibilities referred in the book. It poses a challenge to the researchers in academia towards the development of more sophisticated algorithms. The book also incites applications in diversified areas.

Throughout the book, the learning is supplemented with MATLAB code and Simulink models.


  • Presents discussion of several modern and popular chemometric techniques
  • Introduces specific illustrative industrial applications using the chemometric techniques
  • Demonstrates several applications to beverage quality monitoring
  • Provides all the algorithms developed for the automated device design, data files, sources for biomedical signals and their pre-processing steps, and all the process models required to simulate process normal/faulty data
  • Includes case study-based approach to the topics with MATLAB and Simulink source codes

About This Book

Madhusree Kundu, NIT Rourkela
Palash Kumar Kundu, Jadavpur University
Seshu K. Damarla, NIT Rourkela

CRC Press, Inc., 2018

ISBN: 9781498780070
Language: English

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