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Basic Radar Analysis

Basic Radar Analysis presents fundamentals of radar analysis, including the range equation, detection theory, ambiguity functions, antennas, receivers, SP, and chaff analysis for modern radars. This book addresses details behind the detection probability equations and origins radar engineers commonly use to perform signal processor analysis. This book consolidates discussions of receiver design and analysis and treats areas of digital receivers not commonly found in other books.

Basic Radar Analysis is filled with specifics on how to perform radar range equation and detection analysis, RCS modeling, ambiguity function generation, and antenna pattern generation. This book also includes a detailed analysis of coherent and non-coherent integration, design and analysis of analog and digital receivers, stretch processor implementation, and SAR signal processor implementation. In addition, this resource covers basic STAP implementation and analysis as well as SLC design and implementation. Basic Radar Analysis is intended as a text for a series of courses in radar and as a theory and practice reference for practicing radar engineers.

  • This book is accompanied by MATLAB files on CD.

About This Book

Mervin C. Budge, University of Alabama
Shawn German, Dynetics

Artech House, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-60807-878-3
Language: English

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