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An Introductory Global CO2 Model

An Introductory Global C02 Model is written for high school students as well as beginning college and university students. This book presents an introductory global CO2 mathematical model that provides some key numbers: for example, atmospheric CO2 concentration in ppm, and ocean pH as a function of time for the calendar years 1850 (preindustrial) to 2100 (a modest projection into the future). The model is based on seven ordinary differential equations (ODEs), and is intended as an introduction to some basic concepts and a starting point for more detailed study.

Quantitative insights into the CO2 problem are provided by the model and can be executed, with postulated changes to parameters, by a modest computer. The programming of the model is in MATLAB and R, two scientific programming systems that are generally accessible and usable worldwide. Therefore, this book can also be useful to readers interested in MATLAB and/or R programming, or a translation of one to the other.

A supplemental set of MATLAB code files is available for download. 

About This Book

Anthony J McHugh, Lehigh University
Graham W. Griffiths, City University, London
William E. Schiesser, Lehigh University

World Scientific Publishing Co., 2016

ISBN: 978-981-4663-03-8
Language: English

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