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Advanced Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance, Seventh Edition, Volume 2

Advanced Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance, Volume 2 contains twenty-two chapters, nine of which are completely new. The remaining chapters in this volume are revised versions of content sourced from previous editions of Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance. Topics include flexible body dynamics, advanced adjoint applications, weaving targets, predictor-corrector guidance, trajectory shaping guidance, and boost-phase filtering options.

Written with both experts and novices in mind, Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance, 7th edition presents the principles of both tactical and strategic missile guidance from several viewpoints. This book also has a companion volume titled Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance: An Introduction, 7th Edition, Volume 1.

MATLAB is used to solve numerous examples in the book. In addition, a sample set of MATLAB code files is available for download.

About This Book

Paul Zarchan, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

AIAA, 2019

ISBN: 978-1-62410-538-8
Language: English

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